Adam Richman, host of the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food Nation” not only loves sandwiches, he says they tell a lot about a person’s personality.

“At its core, a sandwich is just your imagination bound by a piece of bread,” he told FoxNews.com Live.

Richman says, as the presidential race heats up, sammies are a great way to tell you something about a presidential candidate.

Sure, President Obama may have his overstuffed pastrami sandwiches or turkey hoggies, and Republican candidate Mitt Romney has is evident love for chicken, but in private, says Richman, it’s what goes between the bread that tells the most.

“I think it would be cool to see, if left to your own devices, red, blue it doesn’t matter, you can tell a lot with what somebody make and puts in their sandwich,” he said.

Richman is host of the new Travel Channel show “Best Sandwich in America”, where he crosses the nation looking for the best sandwiches from 10 different regions, pitting three from each region against each other.

Think of it like college basketball, he says.  For example, New York Katz’s Deli’s famous pastrami/corned beef combo goes up against sandwiches from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia for the Northeast title.

Some 32 of the country’s most delectable sandwiches will be in the running.  Richman rates each sandwich on a four-point "BITE Scale" (B – Bread; I – Interior; T – Taste; E – Experience).

In the end what pushes the winner over the edge comes down to the subjective taste buds of Richmond himself.

“It’s me looking for the best sandwich,” Richmond told FoxNews.com Live.

"Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America" premieres at 9 p.m. Wednesday; Travel Channel.