Ah, the beach, probably the most rewarding part of summer— nothing feels better than hearing the roll of the waves and feeling the heat on your skin..

Here’s the thing about the beach, though — you’re not really going to get the whole experience (as in a tan and a nice relaxing afternoon) if you don’t stay there for a couple of hours. And during that time, you’re likely to eat something, especially if you’re with your family.

When heading to the beach with kids, it’s important to be mindful of how to pack a cooler full of snacks and treats and even more important, how to enjoy it properly without a seagull claiming your sandwich for itself.

We’re doling out a few guidelines on how to enjoy a meal on the beach solo, with your pals, or with your family. A beach day is supposed to be a great day, so follow these and you’ll be all set.And don't forget to wear sunblock — no one likes looking like a lobster.

1. Don’t. Feed. The. Seagulls.



Just don’t — and everyone will be happy.

2. Ice Cream 101

Don’t try to pack ice cream in the cooler — it’s not going to stay cold enough with everyone opening and closing it. If you want ice cream, head to the concession stand or wait for the ice cream man to pass through.



3. Find a Good Parking Spot

Whether you’re a large group or if you’re solo, find a spot that’s close enough to the water but far enough from the garbage pails. That’s where the seagulls linger and they’re just waiting for you to drop a chip or a cookie.



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