There are few greater, albeit admittedly somewhat basic--in the Starbucks- and green juice-drinking kind of way-- drinkable delights to kick off warmer weather with than rosé.

If the wine itself wasn't enough to get you into a festive mood for the upcoming summer season, there are now rosé forties to fulfill both your enological and collegiate dreams. That's right, it's kinda like that malt liquor or beer you may or may not have chugged back in your co-ed days, but all grown up.

Forty Ounce Wines, the company behind the "organically farmed, spectacular tasting, large format wines," also sells bottles of Muscadet. Although we haven't sipped it for ourselves just yet, the women over at YesWayRosé have given the bottles their stamp of approval, sharing a snap of the 40-ounce container of summer glory on Instagram Thursday, appropriately hashtagged with #Sublime as an ode to the former band's debut album, "40 Ounces to Freedom," and #genius, because, well, it's obvious.

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You can buy the rosé forties in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, and Colorado, according to Delish. What's more, Forty Ounce Wines founder and creator Patrick Cappiello says that only 1,200 cases of the drink (a light, fruity blend) were produced this season, which means that getting your 40 ounces to freedom may be available for a very limited time only.

At just $16 per bottle, this warm-weather delight is likely to go fast.

So for now, say goodbye to the frosé trend that swept the summer of 2016 in favor of these big guys. But if you're still partial to the slushie, here's the recipe that'll have everyone coming back for more.

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