The iconic New Jersey restaurant where the 'Sorpanos' finale was shot paid a fitting tribute to James Gandolfini Wednesday after the news of the actor's unexpected death.

Chris Carley, owner of Holsten’s Ice Cream parlor in Bloomfield, N.J., placed a “Reserved” sign in the booth where Tony Soprano, played by Gandolfini, sat with his family eating onion rings and waiting for his daughter to finish parking her car just before the screen cut to black, mysteriously ending the series.

The shop was packed to the brim Wednesday night with fans of the HBO show coming out to pay respects.

Carley told the New York Post that Gandolfini was a really nice guy.

“During his down time, he’d be outside smoking a big cigar, talking to people. He seemed like real regular guy,” Carley told the Post.

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The restaurant is a favorite among locals looking for old‑fashioned Americana food. Now the photo has gone viral, it's likely the place will be visited by more fans and tourists seeking to pay homage.

But while there, they can pay personal tribute by ordering an order of onion rings, but they should also try the excellent ice cream, as well as play quick tune of  “Don’t Stop Believin’” on the table jukebox.