Following the debacle at an Applebee's restaurant where a pastor not only refused to tip but left a nasty message on the bill-- here's another restaurant receipt that's liable to may put a smile on your face.

Servers at an Italian restaurant in Poulsbo, Washington, offered a family a $4 discount for their "well behaved kids" and took $4 off the bill.

Reddit user Laura King posted a receipt showing the discount. "If only all restaurants did this for people with kids," wrote the mom with kids aged 2,3 and 8.  In fact, the children were so well behaved that the server rewarded the family by giving them a free bowl of ice cream to share too.

Later, in a blog post, King revealed her secrets, saying that she used to work in the restaurant business house and her family had eaten at Seattle-area Italian wine bar “a handful of times.” But she said tries to teach her children that eating out shouldn't involve crayons and iPads --rather conversations.

Response to the post on Reddit brought out supporters, and those who complained that people shouldn't be getting discounts for behaving like you're supposed to behave.

King writes, "We don't expect handouts for acting respectful of the folks who bring us our food. But it certainly makes you feel good when someone else notices your kids in a positive light."