Quick searing knife toasts bread as you slice it

Who has time to cut your bread and toast it too?

YouTube  inventor Colin Furze has created a revolutionary slicing apparatus that simultaneously cuts and toasts bread. The device has a super hot blade heated by a “modified microwave transformer” plugged into a hacksaw with cables. After a few seconds, the heated knife is ready to go.

With two quick slices, the Toasting Knife can create a crusty slice of toast ready for butter, jam or any other toppings. While the edges look a little burned, some toast lovers may prefer their bread well done.

If your bread is already pre-sliced, no problem. Simply run the serrated blade edge along your sliced bread and watch as the boring old bread turns into crispy, crunchy golden toast.

While the dream invention appears to be just a stunt for now, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few Kickstarters with this concept popping up soon.