A two-ring circus of the food world --that's one way to explain a new pie from Pizza Hut Singapore called "Double Sensation" that features not one, but two rings of crust --and much, much more.

Brand Eating reports that Pizza Hut Singapore has released this extravaganza of a pizza with its dual-ring design: one stuffed with melted mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheeses and the other stuffed with chicken sausage and more cheese --just in time for the holidays.

But the crust isn't the only area of double excitement. On top there's an inner pizza with smoked chicken and zucchini on an pepper Alfredo sauce and an outer pizza piled with turkey ham, bell peppers, and mushrooms, on a "salsa sauce."  And yes, there is literally a cherry on top.

The idea is to get the flavor of eat two pizzas at one time --as if you wanted to. Apparently it's a hit in Asia, according to one food blogger who attended Pizza Hut's unveiling.

Pizza Hut is offering this pizza inside a pizza just for the month of December, but you'll have to travel to Singapore for a taste. A regular-size 10" pizza sells for  about $22 and a large 13" pizza runs about $28 and is also offered as part of two Christmas meals.