Just when you thought your teenage dream of eating a burger, nacho, taco pizza would never come true -- the food fantasy has arrived.

Yes. Pizza Hut has really started marketing a pizza with nacho-taco-style accouterments on top of a cheeseburger crust. Even the advertisement acknowledges how ridiculous it all sounds.

In the video, diners welcome a royal page, who brings them the “Crown Crust Pizza” on a red velvet cushion. The cacophony of meat, bun, cheese, chips and lettuce looks like a some kind of disturbing masterpiece of gluttony.

But if you are in the U.S. you won't be able to taste it yourself since Pizza Hut has no plans, as of now, to bring the cheeseburger-crusted pizza to the States. For now, the "Crown Crust Pizza" will stay in the Middle East.