Bad tippers, beware.  The next time you consider short changing your pizza delivery worker after he or she slogged through the rain or snow to get your pizza there pipping hot, consider this: You could be outed.

A Reddit user, jfastman, claiming to be a friend of an unidentified delivery man posted a photo on website showing a receipt that had a $10 tip for a bill that added up to $1453.95 for 85 pies.

The user jfastman told New York's Daily News that it took the delivery guy two trips to deliver the pies, although he wouldn't say who the short changed delivery guy is or where he worked.

The stingy tip sparked great debate on Reddit and over 1950 comments ranging from outrage to debate over what was appropriate in this situation.

One user wrote: "$10 is a miserable tip for that amount of food. That's WAY more work than delivering a $100 or so order, where you would also commonly get $10."  Another wrote: "let's cut it in half and agree that 50$ would have been fairer."

So how much should he have gotten?

According to 20somethingfinance.com, the standard tip for deliveries should be 10 percent of the bill.  A difficult order like this is worthy of more like 15 to 20 percent. Just to help you with the math, 15 percent on this order is about $217.

This isn't the first bad tipping episode to go viral. In January, a St. Louis pastor sparked outrage by writing on her receipt: "I give God 10%. Why Do You Get 18?"  The pastor later apologized for what she wrote, and the waitress was fired for posting the receipt online.