'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond facing backlash online for 'anti-Asian' episode

An old episode of Ree Drummond’s cooking series "The Pioneer Woman" is now facing biting critcism online.

The Twitter account for Thick Dumpling Skin, a podcast and online community fostering issues affecting the Asian American community, has recently accused Drummond and the Food Network of being “anti-Asian” for remarks her family and show crew members made during a 2012 segment of “The Pioneer Woman.”

The segment, which aired during a second-season episode titled “The Big Game,” saw Drummond cooking up game-day snacks for her family and friends. But when Drummond pulled a tray of “spicy Asian hot wings” out of the oven, the hungry crowd appears less than enthused.

“No … Where’s the real wings?” her husband Ladd Drummond remarked.

“I don’t trust ‘em,” added another guest.

Another of Ladd’s friends, meanwhile, did concede that “they smell good.”

Drummond then let out a laugh before revealing that she also baked a tray of buffalo wings, much to the delight of her guests.


“I’m just kidding, guys. I wouldn’t do that to you,” she told them.

Thick Dumpling Skin later posted the short video clip on their website, and admonished Food Network for airing an episode of “The Pioneer Woman” in which “the entire family mocks” an Asian-American dish.

They also called for the network to add more Asian chefs to their roster of TV personalities.

After posting the clip online, Thick Dumpling Skin’s sentiments have been echoed by many on social media who also took offense:

However, Drummond and the Food Network also have their supporters:

Drummond’s fans also continue to come out to her Mercantile restaurant in droves. People magazine reported in February that despite being located in Pawhuska, Okla., a town of only 3,500 people, Drummond’s eatery/retail outlet serves nearly 6,000 customers per day.


Drummond’s former Food Network co-worker, Paula Deen, faced similar backlash in 2013 after admitting to using a racist term toward an African-American man years before, leading Food Network to announce that they would not be renewing her contract.

Neither Drummond nor a representative from Food Network was immediately available for comment.