A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of finally meeting Andrea Robinson, one of the first women pioneers in the wine world, and she made some great suggestions for Thanksgiving Day wines.

I went with the Barnett Vineyards Pinot Noir.

What did you drink?

Better yet, what did you drink out of?

The whole wine glass conundrum drives me crazy. Do I need a different glass for Pinots and Cabs?  Or what about Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay?

And who the heck has the room to store all those glasses, never mind wash them?

Well, thankfully Andrea, also a mother of three, was thinking the same thing.

She recently created a stemware line called The One. That means you need one glass for all your reds and one glass for all your whites.  Wahoo! Even better, they go in the dishwasher. Hallelujah!

She spent over three years tasting and testing these glasses to optimize the tastes of all wines.

And I know the wine connoisseurs are questioning this right now, but I got to use a glass at the Flavor! Napa Valley event, held at the Culinary Institute of America this past November.

The stem felt great in my hand and I was able to swirl without getting the wine all over me (which has happened). And I wasn’t nervous about breaking it, which I often am when I am handed a delicate glass, because I’m not the most graceful wine taster in the world.

Andrea has kindly offered our readers a discount on her glasses as well. Just enter promo code “GIVING” and get 20 percent off, so it’s worth checking out.

And one more thing, Andrea is also the Delta Sky sommelier.  That means you can watch an online video wine course from her while you are on a Delta plane.  Even better, she picks the wines that are served.

Flying is hard enough these days, but to finally get to my seat and realize I could get a half bottle of Meomi, hands down one of my favorite go-to wines, the skies became friendly again.

Thanks, Andrea.

Cent’ Anni.