PETA's 'offensive' ad was banned from London buses

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PETA wants to gross you out of serving meat on your plate. Their newest ad was considered so revolting and graphic that it was actually banned from exhibition on London Buses. The ad, which features a pet dog’s head being served on an elaborate holiday serving plate, was considered too “offensive” to run and immediately removed from all routes.

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PETA, on the other hand, considers their ad “food for thought,” according to a recent blog post, and considers the London bus system’s actions a “shameful and confusing” response. “Londoners are bombarded with ads selling turkey corpses,” PETA said in a statement to attempt to justify their own shocking photograph.

The advertisement pictured may be graphic to some viewers, so scroll with caution. It features “glazed and roasted dog’s head on a platter” alongside the text, “If You Wouldn’t Eat Your Dog, Why Eat a Turkey? Start a New Tradition. Go Vegan.”

All advertisements run on UK transit systems fall beneath the CAP Code, a nationwide advertising standard. The code states that advertisements “must not cause fear or distress without justifiable reason,” and that marketers should refrain from using shocking claims or imagery to attract more attention.

PETA feels it has a justifiable reason. “What’s truly offensive isn’t the ad but killing gentle birds — who have the same capacity to feel pain as the dogs with whom we share our homes — for a fleeting moment of taste,” the blog post stated.