Pabst Blue Ribbon, America's favorite hipster beer, is apparently selling a commemorative beer honoring the U.S. World War II Army -- but only in China.

Brand Channel reports that the Pabst Blue Ribbon Army green beer cans come emblazoned with stars and black-and-white pictures of grizzled U.S. soldiers on the battlefield.  In English, the cans state they're the "World War Two Edition in memory of U.S. Army," with the slogan "Yes We Can" in big letters. (Whether there's any relation to President Obama's campaign slogan it is unclear).

Brand Channel says the WWII beer cans have been around since 2009, but that they've recently been reintroduced. A commercial back then released in the regional dialect Cantonese shows specific battles in the Pacific, including those on the Marshall Islands and at Midway—all major U.S. defeats of China's long-time enemy Japan during World War II.