When it comes to feeding their pets, many owners are willing to go the extra mile to get the best for their companions, from purchasing ultra-expensive organic kibbles to buying up freshly prepared meals in the refrigerated section that never touch a can. And while it certainly makes sense for pet owners to want the highest-quality foods for their animals, some products are just plain bizarre.

Fancy Feast is a brand that’s made its fortune by marketing high-brow cat foods, with commercials featuring sophisticated-looking kitties often dining on crystal tableware. And of course, what kind of elegant creature wouldn’t love to feast on Wild Salmon and Egg Soufflé with Garden Greens… from a can? Or perhaps they would prefer White Meat Chicken Florentine with Garden Greens in a Delicate Sauce.

Man’s best friend has some pretty wacky products available to them as well, from special cupcakes available at Sprinkles Cupcakes to french fries and cannoli treats from Annie’s Pooch Pops. Purina also offers a cool frozen dessert for dogs, Frosty Paws Cool Treats, available in peanut butter and original flavors.

1. Cake in a Jar for Dogs — Blissful Biscuits
Blissful Biscuits offers a full line of homemade, all-vegetarian dog treats. Undoubtedly the most outrageous item they make is a ready-to-eat apple-flavored cake baked especially for dogs that comes vacuum-sealed in a jar. They’ll ship you a package anywhere in the United States.

2. Elegant Medleys Wild Salmon and Egg Soufflé with Garden Greens — Fancy Feast
All right, so wild salmon cat food doesn’t seem that out there — cats love fish and pet owners love giving their pets high-quality food. But egg soufflé and garden greens? It’s hard to imagine that either of those items would hold up very well in a can.

3. Cannoli — Annie’s Pooch Pops
For the canine with a love for Italian pastries, Annie’s Pooch Pops offers peanut butter cannolis (complete with mini carob chips on the outside instead of chocolate chips, so they’re safe for dogs to eat).

4. Doggie Cupcakes — Sprinkles Cupcakes
The ultra-popular and ever-expanding Sprinkles Cupcakes chain offers doggie cupcakes, which are sugar-free cakes topped with a yogurt "frosting."

5. Ice Cream Scoops — Chewy’s Rawhide Shoppe
Chewy’s Rawhide Shoppe sells a wide variety of dessert treats for dogs, such as ice cream scoops. They come complete with "sprinkles" in a savory chicken flavor and help reduce plaque and tartar build up.

6. French Fries — Annie’s Pooch Pops
If you get to indulge in a serving of french fries every once in a while, why shouldn’t your dog be able to join you? And with Fourth of July coming up, Annie’s also offers bacon cheeseburger treats (available in regular size and slider size) and hot dog treats.

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