Nurse working graveyard shift receives ‘rude’ note from Domino’s for late order

A Texas nurse is calling for Domino’s to apologize after an employee wrote a “rude” note on a late-night pizza order.

On March 30, an unnamed employee working the night shift at Paris Regional Medical Center in Paris, Texas ordered a meal for the staff from a local Domino’s Pizza.

When the food arrived, a handwritten note was scrawled on the side of a pizza: “We would appreciate it very much if you didn’t wait until 5 minutes before we close.”

According to KTVT, the nurse had placed the order with the pizza chain five minutes before the store closed at midnight.

Kerry Miller, a friend of the nurse, shared the image of the note on Facebook, calling the incident a “disgrace” and urging the chain to “stop the rudeness.”

“Nurses work long hours and eat when they can as they take care of our loved one. A business is open until they close and are in business to service the public,” Miller posted. “Domino's Pizza the nurses on 5 east deserve an apology, and I am sure as much pizza as you can deliver."

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The Paris Domino’s franchise location would not comment but company spokesman Tim McIntyre sent KTVT  the following statement:

“We do not condone or encourage this kind of behavior or one-sided ‘dialogue’ with our customers.”

But Miller thinks the nurses deserve more than an apology. Said the friend, “I want to see an apology to that hospital. I don’t care if they have to bring a pizza to every floor, those nurses deserve something better.”