Now you can buy someone else’s home cooked food

Who doesn't love a good home cooked meal?

A new app is betting that there a lot of people out there willing to pay for those casseroles and pies that taste just as good as mom used to make.

Foodie Shares is a new food-sharing service that allows amateur home cooks to sell meals to anyone who wants to buy non-restaurant prepared food. The Los Angeles-based program allows hungry users to order a meal and schedule for pickup or convenient delivery. The app currently only covers the Santa Monica and Venice areas but plans to expand to the rest of the city by end of this summer, reports LA Weekly.

Similar to Airbnb, cooks are vetted by the company and upon approval, can advertise through the app for any dishes that come to mind. Currently, the app is being promoted as a way for “home chefs and budding entrepreneurs to share their favorite dishes” within the community. Many of the chefs specialize in certain food trends such as paleo, vegan, raw or ethnic cuisines like Vietnamese and Italian.

Customers looking for food can simply scroll through meals being offered near their area, pay through the app and decide whether to pick it up or get delivery.

The app is still in early stages but like other crowd sharing services such as Airbnb or Lyft, the concern over who regulates what—as well as food safety—may likely be called into question.

Pricing is set by the cost of food but right now most dishes appear to be between $8 and $14.