Not just a 'pizza table': Woman claims parents had hilarious alternate use for takeout invention

Thirty-four years ago, a woman named Carmela Vitale patented one of the greatest inventions of all time: the pizza saver — also referred to as a package saver, pizza table, pizza ottoman or (NSFW) pizza nipple.

At first, many of us found ourselves wondering, “Why is there a tiny three-legged plastic table at the center of this pie? Where are the chairs? Where are the people?” It wasn’t until we blossomed into intellectual adults that we realized its purpose — to make sure the delivery box doesn’t sag, squish the pizza and stick to the cheese.

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Well, it’s become apparent that some people actually still don’t know what this teensy-weensy tripod is for. On Twitter, @josemehrinho asked, “What was the actual point of these?? My parents used to clean them after we were done with the pizza and stick them into unused plug sockets to stop us electrocuting ourselves and if that’s not the most 1st generation immigrant thing you’ve ever heard I don’t know what is.”

While we respect the drive to recycle and reuse, we can confirm that this is not the correct usage for the pizza table. @k_d85 set the record straight and replied saying, “[it] stops your cheese getting mashed into the lid of the box, innit.”

Then @da5nsy chimed in with some pollution realness writing, “I hate these things so much. Single use plastic at its worst. I briefly thought about designing an alternative and found out that some places put a dough ball in the middle of the pizza, and that’s just such a nice idea.”

This is true. The Daily Meal staffers have enjoyed many eco-friendly garlic knots delivered at the center of delicious cheesy pies. Pizza tables walked so that balls of dough could fly. And on that note, we’re hungry. Meet us at the best pizza place in your state.