New meal kit aimed at CrossFit athletes is just 10-pound box of raw meat

“How much do you lift, bro?” If you’re the kind of person likely to speak this phrase, you’re probably the kind of person who would want this massive box of meat. For the bargain price of $215, you can load up on seven types of uncooked, muscle-building, grass-fed animal protein.

“We have co-curated a box of lean, high-quality protein to fuel CrossFit athletes’ workouts,” a spokesperson for Strauss, the company selling the top-notch beef, told The Daily Meal. Though if you don’t do CrossFit, they don’t have any beef with you submitting an order.

The package includes 60 ounces of organic free range chicken breast, 3 pounds of ground beef, 10 ounces of tenderloin or filet mignon, two 10-ounce rib-eyes, two 10-ounce strip steaks, and two 6-ounce sirloin steaks. That’s more than ten pounds of raw meat. You can select whether you’d like your order to recur once a month, every other month, or once every three months, depending on the intensity of your protein-related needs.

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“This is cool,” grunted one CrossFit YouTube subscriber, according to a representative from Strauss. “I’m an avid consumer of beef. It’s cool to see someone take the high road (also the expensive road) and see it pay off.”

Strauss’s meat is impressively high-quality — all of their proteins are sustainable and humanely raised on family farms. Their animals are all grass-fed and grass-finished, so you can feel good about eating them after you’re finished with your workout.

Strauss and CrossFit discovered the appeal of a partnership when they realized their values overlapped. Both companies stress the importance of food quality and nutrition, and decided to team up to encourage people to eat lean, high-quality protein post-WOD.

“Due to the physical intensity of the CrossFit workouts, a critical component of a complementary diet is protein,” said CrossFit CEO Bruce Edwards. “It provides energy and fuels performance.”

But meat isn’t the only food that can give you the protein you need — these diverse breakfast options are all filled with protein from different sources.