New Jersey pizzeria bans Donald Trump

No pizza for The Donald.

A New Jersey pizzeria has banned Donald Trump from their shop following controversial comments the Republican president hopeful made on the campaign about Mexican immigrants.

"It’s a shock-and-awe-style kind of rhetoric. It’s unnecessary and it’s irresponsible and it’s childish," Michael Hauke, owner of Tony Boloney's in Atlantic City--close to one of Trump's properties, told Philadelphia Magazine.

"I’m all for free speech, all day, every day, you can say whatever you want, I don’t care. But under no circumstances can I tolerate this... You can’t paint a broad stroke like that."

On Monday, the restaurant—which has a four-star rating on Yelp—announced via Facebook that it would be banning the real estate mogul.

“Trump is banned from Tony Boloney’s,” reads a sign over a picture of Tony employees. “We don’t tolerate ignorance.”

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“Although there are major issues like border security & safety of our citizens that need to be addressed ASAP (really should have been addressed years ago), you grabbing attention for your campaign by-way of inserting your head in your rectum to opine about national security and disrespecting all of the hard-working Mexican-Americans at the same time... not going to fly here,” the pizzeria explained below the post.

Hauke says he employs people from many backgrounds, including "Latin American, Mexican, Guatemalan, Vietnam..." and many more. He says he checks for legal status before making any hires but does not care where his workers come from. reached out to Trump and is awaiting comment.

Tony's is located less than a mile from the Trump owned Taj Mahal casino and is also offering a 10 percent discount to all casino employees just because they have to “look at his name every day.” Trump Entertainment Resorts has owned the property since 1990.

Tony Boloney’s joins a growing band of businesses, including Macy’s and NBC, severing ties with the presidential hopeful. On Wednesday, Spanish-born chef and naturalized citizen Jose Andres announced he would be pulling out of a deal to open a restaurant in Trump’s new hotel in Washington, D.C.