After 117 years of business, Necco — the confectioner behind classic candies including Sweethearts, Clark bars, and Candy Buttons — is closing its doors for good if the company can’t find a buyer by May 6, and people are losing their minds.

According to Candystore.com, Necco sales have spiked more than 82 percent. Most impressively, Wafers alone are up 150 percent. One girl has even offered to trade her car for remaining stock.

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Yes, you read that correctly. A young woman named Katie offered her used Honda Accord for the rest of the retailer’s Necco Wafers. She even sent a photo of the black sedan. While Candystore.com did not accept the trade, Katie did end up purchasing a couple boxes via credit card instead.

honda katie candystore

The woman offered up her Honda in exchange for CandyStore.com's remaining supply of Necco Wafers, but the retailer turned her down. (CandyStore.com)

According to Candystore.com’s account, over 150 other panicked fans called in to ask about and acquire bulk quantities of Necco brand goodies. Some even offered to pay double or more. A “nice older woman” who phoned in wanted to buy 100 pounds of junior-sized Wafers to vacuum-seal for ultimate freshness for years to come.

Although people are mostly freaking out about those small, chalky discs, it’ll also be a sad day when February 14, 2019 rolls around. Conversation hearts were voted the No. 2 most popular Valentine’s Day candy.

Goodbye “angel,” “dream big,” “call me,” and “love bug.” It won’t be an easy breakup.