You’ve seen grapes that look like witches fingers, but have you seen an apple that tastes like a grape?

In a video from Munchies, VICE's food channel, contributor Adam Leith Gollner sheds light on this mysterious fruit, known as the grapple.

The apple-grape hybrid was created in Washington's Wenatchee Valley. According to inventors, the grapple is made by dunking Fuji apples in a bath of methyl anthranilate, or artificial concord grape flavoring. When not used for grapples, it’s typically found in chewing gum and Kool aid.

While researching the grapple for his soon-to-be published book The Fruit Hunters, which explores unusual or interesting fruits, Gollner discovered that the methyl anthranilate is used by farmers as bird repellant under is considered safe by the Environmental Protection Agency for human consumption.

Gollner distributed samples of the grapples to a variety of people. Reactions varied, with one person saying it smelled like grape soda, and another saying it reminded them of the good-tasting toothpaste from childhood.

One middle-aged man, who declared that he doesn’t eat apples, but he does smoke pot from them, said the apple is a solution to post-smoking munchies.