McDonald’s reveals menu items on the chopping block

Last week McDonald’s announced it would be cutting eight menu items and revamping its menu.

So which of your favorites may be getting the axe?

The burger chain has revealed products likely be scaled back in 2015 are the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Premium Chicken Sandwich and Snack Wrap.

For Quarter Pounder burgers, current offerings will be scaled back from four to one type; Premium Chicken and Snack Wraps will both be cut from three offerings down to one, Lisa McComb, a spokeswoman for McDonald’s told USA Today. These cuts are currently being enacted at several chain locations  in "key markets" around the country including Delaware, Little Rock, Arkansas, Waco, Texas, and Knoxville, Tennessee.

"The tests are designed to determine what works and what doesn't within our restaurants by considering the operational experience, customer response, price points and other important information which may inform future decisions," McComb told USA Today.

Although McDonald’s is rolling out a customizable "Create Your Taste" burger menu, the move to strike several items from its 100-plus item roster is seen as an effort to simplify its menu. The fast food chain will also cut five Extra Value Meal offerings, from 16 to just 11 starting in January of 2015.

As the fast food chain tries to be more health conscious, it also announced that it plans eliminate certain ingredients—likely preservatives or artificial additives—from its food.

Despite these changes, some food analysts believe it is not enough to turn around McDonald’s lagging sales.

"It's a drop in the bucket compared to what they need to do," Richard Adams, owner of Franchise Equity Group, told USA Today. According to Adams, many items that sell poorly remain on the menu for "politically correct" reasons and the chain should be getting rid of at least a third of its menu.

Even as it plans to pare down, McDonald’s will continue to innovate with new products. One item brought up by McComb is the Fresh Baked Muffin being tested at breakfast time in Michigan stores. They are just $1.49 but take a long time to bake—making them a troublesome addition to franchisees looking to further simplify.

Over the past 10 years,  McDonald’s has added about 100 items to its menu—arguably making it too complex for customers.