France’s relationship with all things American has expanded to include a New York food icon: the bagel.

McDonald's France is rolling out a new line of burgers with bagels for buns. Bagel Burgers come with lettuce, a creamy sauce and feature three varieties: Emmental cheese, red onion and bacon.

They're only in France for the moment, despite the new menu items being named in English, and have reportedly been launched the new line of burgers in an attempt to recapture the excitement from their "smash hit McBaguette."

Interestingly, the launch of the new bagel burger also comes amid news in France that Burger King will be returning to France after more than 15 years.

McDonald's is popular in France, the home of Le Cordon Bleu cooking academies and Michelin Guides, and the chain has more than 1,200 restaurants in the country.