Mary Berry accused of fat-shaming friend on BBC show

Mary Berry is an easy food TV personality to love. The former "Great British Baking Show" judge has a delightful charm about her and definitely knows her way around the kitchen.

One reason not to love Mary Berry? She’s not the most accepting person when it comes to others’ bodies. At least, that’s what viewers are exclaiming after she repeatedly body-shamed chef Nathan Outlaw on a recent episode of her new BBC program "Classic Mary Berry."

As The Telegraph points out, Berry repeatedly made jokes at Outlaw’s expense. When he told her that he enjoyed windsurfing in his downtime, she replied, "You, windsurfing? You must go very fast… Bit of weight on that board!"

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Later in the show, she also commented that his body weight would be advantageous for crushing garlic. "There's a bit of pressure going down there,” she exclaimed when he said he simply crushed garlic with the side of a knife and the back of his hand.

The comments did not seem to faze Outlaw, however. In the clip where Berry comments about windsurfing, he laughs along. He also said that he always uses full-fat yogurt because "you don't get a body like this eating low-fat."