After 26 generations, it’s amazing that any family can keep reinventing itself.

But that’s exactly what the world-renowned, family-owned wine company Marchesi Antinori  is doing – constantly recreating itself, while still staying true to its history.

I recently I had the great pleasure of spending some time with two of the three members of the 26th Antinori generation: Allegra Antinori, who is in charge of hospitality and public relations for Marchesi Antinori, and sister Alessia, the family ambassador and winemaker. Their sister Alberia was out traveling the world.

I so enjoy speaking to these women because their eyes sparkle with excitement – even 26 generations later– when they talk about their family, their wines and their future.

While the family is known for its award-winning wines, like the Tignanello and Solaia, they were in New York City to talk about their most recent evolvement, a pop-up restaurant in Manhattan. Yes, they are in the restaurant business too.

The Cantinetta Antinori will be at the Mondrian Soho Hotel for only five nights. They've created a special wine tasting menu to showcase their wines and their love of Tuscany and are are willing to share all that from Oct. 2 through Oct. 6.

Dishes include bruschetta made with Jansal Valley heirloom tomatoes, spinach and ricotta dumplings with tomato cream and beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and Urbani truffle. Check here for ticket information.

The original Cantinetta Antinori opened in 1957 and is located just inside the Antinori Palace in Tuscany. Visitors can go and taste their wines, by the glass or the bottle, and sample authentic Tuscan foods, many made with ingredients grown on Antinori’s estates, including their olive oil and goat cheeses.

The family wanted to bring that same experience here – to downtown Manhattan.  And even though the pop-up is around for a short time, it’s a very creative, intimate way to showcase their wines.

And speaking of wine, they are again reinventing themselves in the wine world by returning to the Chianti Classico. While they have been making it for centuries, they completing their latest version, the Cantina del Chianti Classico, which will be available by the end of the year.

So the family, the wines, the properties – keep evolving -- and as a result, they keep enduring.

Cent ‘Anni.