Make light beer taste better with hop infused tea bags

Have you ever wished your beer tasted better?

Sometimes that light lager fails to live up to its full-flavored promise. But instead of wasting can after can, Hop Theory has a solution for lackluster brews.

The company has created a line of “beer-steeping” bags that essentially act like hoppy tea bags for beer. Infused with cascade hops, orange peels and coriander seeds, the steeping bags can be added to any type of beer to make it customized and “more refreshing.” It takes just two to four minutes for the flavor to fully infuse a beer and you can even see the lager change color as the bag does its thing—just like steeping traditional tea. One bag can even be used up to four times.

The idea behind the patent-pending vision is simply to make light beer more drinkable for discerning palates but the company says their bags can be used for any beer. And while the bags don’t claim to be miracle workers—they won’t be able to re-carbonate flat brews, for example—the bags will be ideally be able to make a cheap light beer taste more like an $8 craft brew.

If the team surpasses their current goal, they plan to release different flavors including pumpkin, raspberry, double IPA and peach.

To date, Hop Theory has received more than $6,800 of their $25,000 funding goal with just over a month to go in the campaign. Looks like these beer lovers will have to raise some serious cash in the next few days to see this dream comes to fruition. But if the bags actually work, they could save craft beer drinkers some serious capital down the line.