Looking for a last minute gift for that someone special who has a sweet tooth?  You know, that friend who just loves an afternoon snack, or that family member who's an expert at baking gourmet desserts.

Have no fear, here are a few ideas that will show your loved ones that you really understand what it takes to satisfy that sweet tooth.

1. Cotton candy machine


(Nostalgia Electronics)

This is for the person on your list that loves the taste of sugar melting in their mouth. It’s also for the kid at heart. Nostalgia Electronics makes a retro red cotton candy machine for $39.99 that creates the airy treat like the kind you get at the county fair. Available at amazon.com, Home Depot, K-Mart, Sears, and Walmart.

2. Hersheypark

Chocolate treatment

young woman getting a chocolate massage at a spa (The Spa at the Hotel Hershey)

This isn’t a gift, it’s an experience. Take a trip to Hersheypark --America’s famous chocolate-themed park where candy bars come to life. About 100 miles west of Philadelphia, the park has more than 65 rides and attractions. After a long day taking in all there is to do, crash at one of three nearby hotels: The Hershey Hotel, The Hershey Lodge, and The Hershey Park Camping Resort. Be sure to make time for a chocolate fondue wrap at the Chocolate Spa, where the cocoa revitalizes your skin. Rates for the park, hotel and Chocolate Spa treatments vary year round, so be sure to visit the website.

3. Candy Crush


(Dylan's Candy Bar)

Nope, this isn't the popular video game, but it is actually candy that's inspired by the game. If you have friends who can’t stop playing Candy Crush then they need this candy. Fans will love the gummy candies which come in four flavors:  jelly fish, mixed fruit jellies, color bombs, and sour fruit. The candy might be just as addictive as the actual game itself. Available at Dylan’s Candy Bar stores or online. One box is just $4.

4. District Chocolate Bars


(Wild Ophelia)

These are perfect for the person who's a fan of The Hunger Games franchise. Launched in mid-October, these chocolate bars by Wild Ophelia are designed after each of the 12 districts of Panem from the book and then hit film. District 12 (Katniss Everdeen’s home district famous for mining) is made of mined salt and 41 percent cacao milk chocolate. District 7 bars are made with smoked chipotle chili and 41 percent cacao milk chocolate.  These are available at Walgreen's nation-wide for $3.99 through the holidays. May the odds be ever in your favor when you select the right district bar for the person on your gift list. See more at artesian chocolate.

5. Cake Plate


(Sarah's Stands)

It acts like a spotlight on the prima ballerina of the kitchen, and helps any cake stand out at a feast. Sarah’s Stands has a wide selection of great-looking cake stands for professional bakers and at-home cooks. Shoppers can choose from one of three distinct collections- Picture Perfect, Natural Beauty and Simply Stunning. The stands are made of either sustainable wood or carbon steel. This wooden teal cake stand is from Sarah’s Sea of Love Picture Perfect collection. Prices are based on styles and sizes:  12"-$120, 14"-$145, 16"-$165. Check out all the colors and designs at www.sarahsstands.com.

6. Macarons


(Francois Payard)

Macarons are a perfect package of sugary elegance. French chef Francois Payard, who introduced the sugar dessert to America, has a do-it-yourself macaron kit. The MakeCaron includes a booklet with four basic traditional ganache recipes. However, Payard wants the baker at home to experiment to create new macaron flavors (it’s all about the ganache).  Use what's in your pantry as inspiration for flavors, such as peanut butter and jelly.  MakeCaron is available nationwide at www.payard.com and retails for $22.

7. Notti and Nice


(Notti Toffee)

If you have someone on your list who's naughty, but don’t want to give them a lump of coal,  order a pail of Notti Toffee. The company's toffee recipe dates all the way back to North Carolina's family recipe. Shopping for toffee also helps the small business create jobs for the economically hard-hit area of Alleghany County. A pail of dark chocolate toffee with nuts is $25. You can also customize orders. Get someone off your naughty list and order now at www.nottitoffee.com.

8. Boomf



This genius invention, from across the pond, prints Instagram photos on marshmallows and sends them in the mail. Viola! Your favorite memories can become delicious works of edible confectionery. Boomf, which is based in London, suggests to avoid photos with large dark areas because the details get lost.  A box of nine marshmallows is about $20.  Just allow up to two week for delivery to begin your edible journey at Boomf.com.