After more than 2,000 shows Emeril Lagasse is hoping fans are still hungry for more Bam!-worthy cooking.

The chef known for Creole cooking and yelling "Bam!" as he throws seasoning into a sizzling pan this week launches his eighth television series — and 52 more episodes to the tally. "Emeril's Table," part of the Hallmark Channel's daytime line up, will feature Lagasse cooking while five guests — from newlyweds and busy moms to firefighters and vegetarians — sit in his kitchen asking culinary questions, trading tips and recipes, and of course, eating.

"Food brings us all a little closer together and I hope that as we're gathering around my table each day everyone will invite us in to their kitchens and be inspired to cook along," Lagasse says.

If you're hankering for a fix of Emeril live but can't get to one of his 12 restaurants — where he serves more than 2 million meals a year — his 16th book, "Sizzling Skillets and other One-Pot Wonders," also is being released this week.