Kebab Shop Owner Ignores Armed Robber Until He Gives Up and Leaves

Ignoring your problems until they go away is not an effective tool for dealing with most issues, but it seems to work just fine in this New Zealander's case.

Police in Canterbury, New Zealand, have just released surveillance footage from the Egyptian Kebab House in Christchurch, where an armed gunman recently tried to make off with the contents of the restaurant's cash register. Unfortunately for the thief, his plan backfires when Said Ahmed, the shop's owner, completely ignores him to keep serving sandwiches.

"I was sure he would not shoot me," Ahmed told "He came to rob me, not to kill me."

Furthermore, Said reportedly refused to acknowledge the man even after he began waving a gun and demanding money, and chose instead to walk calmly back to the kitchen to call police — after serving his waiting customer, of course.

Law enforcement in Canterbury initially released the footage on Facebook in the hopes of identifying the gunman, but it's unclear if they've turned up any leads. That said, if you happen to live in Christchurch near a career criminal who is lacking in both money and kebab sandwiches, contact your local authorities immediately.