The bro chefs of YouTube's Epic Meal Time have teamed up with comedy-duo and real-life-BFFs James Franco and Seth Rogen for their latest culinary adventure.

On the menu: A souped up, multi-layered Korean BBQ Lasagna. Along the way, we’re treated to a variety of Korea-centric puns from both Rogen and Franco.

“You know the difference between regular barbecue and Korean barbecue?” Franco quips.

“Korean barbecue has more Seeeeooouul.” The crowd laughs.

The mammoth creation is assembled in an industrial sized buffet dish and includes layers of French fries, traditional lasagna noodles, Kimchi sauce, and various Korean meats. Unlike other Epic Meal Time concoctions, the resulting dish actually looks edible.

The pair is promoting their new movie "The Interview" about an unlikely duo’s attempt to assassinate North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, which opens Dec. 25.