Internet bashes Trump’s vice presidential pick Mike Pence for eating at Chili’s

New York City is home to some of the best restaurants and culinary masterminds in the universe.

But, like any other city, it also has plenty of chains.

Mike Pence was in New York over the weekend to make a few speeches after receiving the official vice presidential nod from Donald Trump.

After finishing the press rounds, Pence was scheduled to head back to Indiana for a quick rest stop before moving on to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland-- but his flight was delayed.

With a few hours to kill in the City that Never Sleeps, Pence and his family headed to one of New York’s best known Tex-Mex establishments-- Chili’s. The pit stop might have gone unnoticed but Pence decided to document the meal, forever sealing his fate among Internet detractors.

Despite the fact that the former governor wasn’t actually in the city (Pence was departing from the private Teterboro airport in New Jersey), dozens quickly pounced on Pence for choosing to eat at a chain restaurant in a city known for its award-winning cuisine.

Within hours of the post, "Chili’s" became a trending topic on social media as New Yorkers began to criticize and mock Pence’s decision to dine at the baby back ribs chain.

Despite the lack of love from New York haters, Chili's played it cool, responding to the backlash with a simple tweet: