Everyone can relax, the mystery of the Queens In-N-Out burger may have been solved.

On Sunday, a man living in the Queens borough of New York City discovered a perfectly wrapped and seemingly untouched In-N-Out burger sitting in the middle of the street. This stood out to him because there are no In-N-Out locations within 1,500 miles of New York City.

“It genuinely shook me to my core,” Lincoln Boehm, 31, initially told the New York Post.

Boehm, originally from Santa Monica, Calif., said he and his wife were heading to a McDonald’s before catching their train at the Jamaica Long Island Railroad station when they found the burger.


“We didn’t touch it,” he told the Post. “We stopped for a second and took photos and looked around to see if anyone else was noticing it and then we walked on.”

Now, the New York Post reports that the answer has been found.

Apparently, 16-year-old Queens resident Helen Vivas dropped the burger while running to catch a bus. She reportedly grabbed the burger while still in Encinitas, Calif., before catching a red-eye back to New York City.

Vivas reportedly supplied Boehm with screenshots from her Instagram story showing her at the In-N-Out, along with her flight information.

As to how the burger stayed so fresh looking, apparently, Vivas ordered the Double-Double burger without sauce. She also ordered another Double-Double along with two single burgers. She ate one on the plane and kept the vegetables packed separately.

Boehm detailed his experience and Viva’s story in a first-person essay on Vice.

Before this was revealed, vice president of In-N-Out's operations, Denny Warnick, initially said in a statement to Fox News that it would have taken "considerable planning" for someone to transport it all the way to NYC.

“We were surprised to hear recently that one of our Double-Doubles® was found on a street in New York! Because our burgers are only cooked fresh to order in six states (California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Oregon), it must have taken considerable planning for that burger to make the trip from the grill all the way to the Empire State,” Warnick said.

"So while it is a mystery as to how one of our burgers ended up in Queens, we’re sure someone is having a good laugh."

It turns out, it was likely just a girl trying to catch a bus.