From nutritional information to sourcing, Americans are obsessed with examining where our food comes from.  Now, a photography series -- entitled "Fast Food" -- takes a closer and sometimes uncomfortable look at the fast food we eat.

Photographer Jon Feinstein has spent the last several years gathering images of burgers, chicken nuggets, pizzas, and French fries to examine what he says is the complexity and depth of America’s response to fast food.

“Some are nauseating; some make you hungry, and some do both.”

— Jon Feinstein, photographer

“It's been interesting to me to find that many viewers assume I'm a vegan propagandist looking to push a one sided message,” Feinstein told FoxNews.com, who adds that he eats fast food from time to time.

“For me this project is not about that but instead exploring a many layered relationship Americans have with fast food.”

The pictures were taken from 2003 to 2010 using a flatbed scanner, which gives the food a surreal-like quality.  If some of these images want to make you run out and buy some fries, while others make you click off the page, that’s the whole point.

“Some are nauseating; some make you hungry, and some do both,” Feinstein said.  “I liked its ability to give the images a specimen-like quality. I enjoy the uniform, austere quality of light it emits and treats the food.”

The food isn’t labeled by name of the meal or where it was bought, but only by what he claims is the grams of fat contained in each item.

He’s quick to point out this project isn’t meant to highlight the negative aspects of fast food, but to create a “mystery” about the food –to keep viewers guessing what it might be.

“With the exception of the McRib, which many have thought to be a hotdog, it generally takes viewers about a minute to identify where each burger, nugget, or chicken wing came from.”

Have a click through the slideshow to see if you can figure out which dish is which.