Every Easter, millions of people worldwide sit down to a delicious lamb dinner with their families, but don't worry if this is your fist time carving lamb. With a little patience and a steady hand, you will bring appetizing slices to your table.

Part one: parallel cuts
This first part will get you the first few pieces of meat. But more importantly, it will carve the leg into the appropriate shape for part two.

  • Put the leg on a cutting board on its side. The shank bone should face away from you.
  • Hold the lamb steady with a long-handled meat fork (inserted in the side opposite the shank bone).
  • Start cutting thin slices parallel to the bone on the outside.
  • Stop when you reach the bone.
  • Move the thin slices to a plate.

Part two: perpendicular cuts
Here, you will create most of the slices of lamb that you will serve. But they will still be attached.

  • Turn the leg onto the side you just carved.
  • Reinsert the meat fork opposite the shank bone to steady the lamb.
  • Cut thin slices perpendicular to the bone. You won't hit the bone for a few cuts.
  • When you hit the bone, keep carving above the bone until you reach the end.

Part three: horizontal cut
With a long slice, you will separate these pieces from the bone.

  • To get the pieces you just made, cut a long horizontal slice along the top of the bone.
  • Move slices to a plate.

Part four: save the small pieces
Don't waste any part of the lamb.

  • Remove any small leftover pieces of lamb on the bone. Use a fork or your (clean) fingers.
  • Use these pieces for sandwiches, sides or soups.