A Houston waiter was given a $5,000 tip after a couple heard his car was destroyed in a thunderstorm.

Greg Rubar, who has worked at D'Amico's Italian Market for 16 years, said he was especially shocked as tips are few and far between at the restaurant, the Houston Chronicle reported Wednesday.

"Nobody ever gives me anything," Rubar said, adding initially he was hesitant about taking the money.

The couple, which wishes to remain anonymous, has been going to the restaurant for eight years and is often waited on by Rubar.

Rubar recalled, "He said, 'I'm not going to be giving you a tip for a while. Take this money. Go buy yourself a car."

The waiter intends to buy a car with the money, but told the newspaper, "The next time I see them I want to offer to pay it back. To me, it would be more of a gift if it was a loan."

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