Hey, Justin Bieber this is how you shotgun a beer

If you’re a child star, you tend to miss out on many college rituals: awkward dances, football games and...shotgunning beer.

Justin Bieber learned the hard way that chugging a can of Corona through a hole punched in the side of a can actually takes some skill.

The singing sensation—who's in the middle of making a comeback—posted an Instagram video in which drinking companion and friend Sam Shahid bests him in a shotgun contest. The two were enjoying a few pre-match drinks before Floyd Mayweather's fight in Las Vegas on Saturday. Shahid downed the entire can in seconds, while Bieber struggled to finish his. “I lost but I didn’t go to college,” he humbly admits in the post.

So we thought the Biebs could use a few pointers the next time he's ready for another shotgun showdown.

Bottom line, it comes down to where you punch the hole and how you open your throat.

There are plenty of tutorials online but this Howcast step-by-step demonstration explains the physics behind this classic feat.

Because of the can's pressure, the beer is forced out of the hole faster the farther it is from opened top.  Done right, it only takes about 3 to 5 seconds as the beer is catapulted out of the can, into the mouth, and down the throat.

If you try to drink it while swallowing as you go along,  you'll choke.  So what you need to do is relax your throat and let the beer just gush down the gullet.

(It should be noted, that consuming alcohol rapidly will lead to quicker intoxication --so use caution.)

Here are a few more pointers:

1. Choose a location that can get a little messy. Chances are some beer is bound to spray.

2. Canned light beers are preferred over heavier beers like stouts or IPAs.

3. Use a key or knife to punch a small hole close to the bottom of the can.

4. Put lips to hole in the bottom of the can and pop tab. Experts are able to suck it down in a few seconds. But those not accustomed to the sensation may just end up in a puddle of beer.