Handy device for beer drinkers keeps your mustache dry between sips

The proliferation of hipster culture and lumbersexuals means more guys seem to be rocking facial hair these days.

Now those beer-swigging mustachioed men no longer have to suffer the injustice of a wet ‘stache between sips.

Introducing the Whisker Dam, a handcrafted copper cuff “dressed with a timeless patina and coated with a non-toxic barrier” that fits on the edge of a standard pint glass to protect prized upper lip hair.

The makers of Whisker Dam call it “an umbrella for your face” so it could be used as anti-milk mustache device or no-foam nose guard when sipping your latte.

Hipsters and breweries already seem to be onboard with the new device:

If you plan on purchasing the dam for your whiskered cutie, it’s $20.