Futuristic champagne bar design could combat flooding in Paris

From larger-than-life chandeliers to a room made entirely of ice, we’ve seen some pretty unique bars. But a design from Beijing-based architect Margot Krasojevic isn’t just cool to look at. It could help save some of Europe’s most beloved landmarks.

Krasojevic has unveiled her vision for a futuristic floating champagne bar based in Paris, which will offer a sophisticated spot to sip the drink and help combat flooding in the French capital.

Named ‘Grand Cru du Siecle’, the design is a circular structure that resembles a champagne flute that hangs above an active whirlpool designed to pull water into the city’s underground reservoirs— diverting it away from Parisian landmarks and into canals and lakes outside the French capital.

Krasojevic was inspired by the city of lights and saw an opportunity to combat an environmental problem that consistently threatens the culture of the city.

“The inspiration for the bar/pavilion is using architecture to adapt to new typologies as a result of technological or environmental changes,” Krasojevic told FoxNews.com.

“The River Seine [where the bar would be located] offers many social gathering places and it is this unity against threat which is important especially in design. The floods and rising water levels bring Paris to a standstill-- the damage alone takes days to clear up and for a city which relies on tourism and culture, and is known for its champagnes and cafe culture, it becomes a big problem.”

Krasojevic says the project is an expansion of the river Seine infrastructure, combining pre-cast concrete spillway engineering with the lighter, but more robust cast composite fibre monocoque shell--  which is similar to the designs boat hulls use.

Using sophisticated engineering technology, the bar can be raised or lowered according to water levels.

The architect has also designed a hydroelectric vertical prison designed to be isolated in the middle of an ocean, that uses a similar waterfall pulling system to generate power.

While Krasojevic says she enjoys champagne cocktails she admits she has a different favorite libation.

“I prefer vodka straight or a Caipiroska,” she says.