Edible nativity scenes make for a fun and delicious project for the whole family.

1. Graham cracker nativity


(FirstChristmasGiftWrap / AOKCollar)

Gum drops, marshmallows, and candy bars all account for the figurines in this nativity scene, and are pretty convincingly constructed if you ask us! We love the shredded cheese for hay and the graham cracker construction.

2. Kid-friendly


(Blogspot / MommySecrets)

This easy to make edible nativity scene was crafted by a mom who wanted a fun way to “keep the ‘Christ’ in Christmas.” We just love the gumdrop angel!

3. Gingerbread nativity


(Flickr / JanKalab)

This nativity scene extends far beyond Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and a few animals. This cookie replicate features everyone from the shepherds to the angels on high.

These nativity scenes are a perfectly acceptable way to play with your food.

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