FNM Exclusive: Venus Williams' Favorite Smoothie Recipe Tastes Like a Cookie

We're big on smoothies, but we ran out of fun recipes long ago. So when tennis legend Venus Williams mentions that her favorite recipe tastes like cookies, we're all ears.

"You could have so much fun experimenting and doing new flavors," says Venus, who actually owns several Jamba Juice locations in Washington, D.C. "You can make them very healthy; adding lemon really cures everything. And if you want to do juices that are more about vegetables, if you add ingredients like lemon or ginger, or just a touch of apple, that helps a lot."

That's all well and fine, Venus, but get to the part about the cookie smoothie already!

"I made a drink called a Ginger Snap once, and it has mangoes, strawberry, ginger, spinach, kale — I don't remember all the ingredients — I think a little bit of orange juice. And it tastes just like a ginger snap cookie!"

Watch the rest of Venus' interview for tips about dressing for the gym, then jot down the above ingredients and start fiddling with the proportions until all your drinks taste like desserts.