Five Guys burger chain rolls out customizable milkshakes with bacon

Fast growing burger chain Five Guys is rolling out a customizable milkshake program that includes some pretty epic possibilities.

Among the flavor offerings are bananas, peanut butter, Oreo cookies, salted caramel and…bacon.

Yup, that’s right a bacon milkshake.

According to their website, “hand-spun milkshakes” are now available at select New York and New Jersey restaurant locations.

Customers start off with a simple vanilla base and can then mix in as many ingredients as they want. Unfortunately you can’t test it out before you buy the whole thing so choose wisely, shake lovers.

Creative fans of Five Guys can participate in the Share Your Shake Sweepstakes  contest. From now until December 31st, patrons can upload a photo of their shake creation and post it with #ShareYourShake  hashtag. Every Friday until the end of the year, the chain will select one photo and the winner will get a special t-shirt.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.