Extreme sausages pack a surprising punch

If you do a Google search for "flavored sausage," chances are you'll likely come up with items like "Apple Smoked" and "Maple."

That's because it's hard to believe butchers are creating wild flavors like "Skittles" and "Banana Cream Pie."

Sound outrageous? Grundhofer's Old Fashioned Meats doesn't think so. Bizarre brats are their specialty. With over 90 flavors on the menu, who wouldn't want to try the taste of a "Bloody Mary" or "Kool-Aid" mixed into their meat? Okay, we may have to pass on that one...but barbecue bacon or three cheese? Now we're talking.

The Minnesota butcher wants fans to come up with their own concoctions too. Got an idea? Send it in to bratrecipe@grundhofersmeats.com and you could score twenty-five bucks.

But make sure it doesn't have Gummi Bears in it - that's already taken. In fact, it's their best seller. We were adventurous enough to try it and it wasn't too bad – a good mix of salty and sweet, with a subtle fruity tang from melted candy bears.

For those adventurous palates not interested in the sweet taste of candy, there are sausages made with game meat such as yak-- we told you this was outrageous-- and alligator.

The Hoboken-based food truck Dark Side of the Moo has been serving those up to much fanfare.

"Neither are tough or chewy, that's a myth about game meats. Overcooking them is easy, that's what make's them tough," says Dark Side of the Moo President, Tyrone Green. "Yak is very clean tasting due to it's very low fat content. It's a very beefy taste. Like a burger dipped in au jus..."

Maybe the idea isn't so outrageous after all.