Exploring the sensual side of wine

We don’t talk enough about the sensuality of wine or its seductive nature.

Sommelier Alessandra Rotondi does and hosts wine tastings that allow her participants to explore both. Wine Seduction (which she trademarked by the way) is the fine art using wine to spark passion and amorous feelings.

She equates a wine tasting to a first date – or for the less conservative -- the first time you are intimate with someone.

Think about it.

You often start a wine tasting with a bubbly – a prosecco or champagne – which often makes your lips tingly.

Then you move on to a white wine and Rotondi talks about the fragrances and the transparency of the wine, “much like the fragrances of a person and your ability to getting to know them.”

Next is your red wine. Here, she discusses the body of the wine and the discovery of it.

And in Italy the dessert wines are called “the pajamas wine because they arrive at the end,” says Rotondi.

I will let your imagination play with all that.

But clearly there are tons of similarities between wine and love --both require patience hard work.

Both make my heart happy.