So what are you bringing to your next holiday dinner?

Lots of people get anxious about this and dwell on it, but it doesn’t have to be that hard.

To start, you don’t really have to rack your brain trying to pick a wine that compliments dinner because odds are, your host already has wine selected for dinner and will just consider yours a gift for some other night, says Anthony Giglio, author and wine expert. So that takes some of the pressure off.

But still, what do you bring?

When in doubt, bring a Pinot Noir, Giglio says, who is also the wine columnist for the American edition of La Cucina Italiana. It goes with just about every food in the event your host does serve it -- and if not, it’s a great wine to enjoy by the fire at a later date.

And you don’t need to empty your wallet.  Giglio says $20-$40 is good range and allows you to buy a great bottle. My favorite Pinot Noir is the Meiomi from Belle Glos, part of the Wagner Family Wines and it’s under $20.

But Giglio gave an ingenious tip if you have a great wine you want to drink with dinner.  He says he always bring at least two bottles to a dinner party.

Then he says this to the host: “This bottle is for you, my wonderful host, and this bottle is something I’ve been waiting to share with you all.”

It’s slick, but it guarantees you at least one glass of wine from your favorite bottle.

Love it!

Cent’ Anni.