The grueling pace of a presidential campaign means fueling up is often done when and where you can.  But Mitt Romney still chows down on some delicious grub while on the road.

Reporters traveling with the Republican candidate say he's not into junk food and many of the food items on his plane are organic.  And while his Morman religion requires him to avoid certain foods, he still gives into his weakness for pulled pork.

Here’s a peek at some of his campaigning pit stops.

Cheesecake Factory

Forget brain food like spinach and fish. Before pulling off a huge victory in the first presidential debate, Romney chowed down on a delivery of a pulled pork sandwich and tomato-basil pasta from the Cheesecake Factory.  There's still no word on what Romney may eat tonight, but he may want to consider that pulled pork again.


The day before the first debate, Romney stopped by a Chipotle restaurant in Denver. Word on the street is that he ordered two carnitas bowls with guacamole.

Lui Lui (West Lebanon, N.H.)

Back in September, Romney took a break from his debate preparation in Vermont to pick up a pizza order from Lui Lui in West Lebanon, N.H. The restaurant is known for its brick oven pizzas.

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

Romney name dropped the Illinois-based chain during a speech in July, and its subs are reportedly a lunch staple on the road. As Romney press aide Rick Gorka tweeted: "Jimmy John's makes a great sandwich and it's a favorite of the Romney press bus."

Peanut butter and honey sandwich

The organic peanut butter and honey sandwich is reportedly Romney’s go to campaigning food. He even taught running mate Paul Ryan how to make his trademark sandwich.

Ice cream

During the summer, Romney was photographed a couple of times eating ice cream on the campaign trail. During a family vacation in July, Mitt, Ann and their grandchildren enjoyed sweet treats at Bailey's Bubble ice cream in Wolfeboro, N.H. In August, Romney stopped at Millie’s Restaurant in Nantucket, Mass. for coffee ice cream and mingling.

Hudson’s Smokehouse

Earlier on the campaign Ronmeny toured Hudson’s Smokehouse in Lexington, S.C., where he said, “I’m not a catfish man, or actually I’m not a  fish man, so much — I mean, I eat it ’cause I’m told it’s good for me, but you know I still like the pulled pork.”