High up in the penthouse of a building overlooking Miami’s famed Lincoln Road, there’s a restaurant where the flavors of Japanese, French and Peruvian cooking come together for a unique culinary experience: but don’t call it fusion.

Juvia brings together notable chefs Sunny Oh and Laurent Cantineaux, with backgrounds in Japanese and French cooking, respectively. The menu is brimming with flavorful and innovative dishes ranging from Hamachi Espuma to pan-roasted Chilean Sea Bass.

“Instead of a fusion, it’s more of a union,” Chef Sunny Oh told FoxNews.com’s Kitchen Superstars. “I comfortably have an understanding of Japanese cuisine to the point that I do that very well and bringing together Laurent's idea of French cuisine and coming together.”

The pair have known each other for more than a decade. Oh describes himself as the loud mouth, while Cantineaux is more of the “mad scientist.”

“We respect each other's knowledge of our fortes so when it comes down and we sit at the table together about the ideas of the dishes we put together, the majority of the dishes are components and elements of both of us,” Oh said.

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Patrons are flocking to Juvia not only for the food, but also for the views. From its penthouse location, diners can take in breathtaking views of South Beach and Lincoln Road.

“People still come in and their eyes light up when they see the place,” Oh said.

The restaurant has an open layout and the roof is a canopy that is retractable, so it opens up to reveal open sky when the weather is nice.

The restaurant recently won a James Beard award for Outstanding Restaurant Design.

“The setting is exceptional with the view of south beach hotel skyline and the interior design,” Cantineaux said. “It's a very cool restaurant.”