Disney axes 'healthy gumbo' recipe with kale amid social media backlash

This controversial gumbo recipe is going, going…gone

A recipe for “healthy gumbo” that had been posted on a Disney-run Facebook page over the weekend was axed after the meal was criticized by dozens of commenters for its shakeup of the beloved, traditional dish.

“Tiana’s Healthy Gumbo" was originally posted to the official page for “The Princess and the Frog" movie page last week. The 2009 film featured a New Orleanian princess known for her culinary abilities. But the approximately two-minute-long video, complete with a jazzy background tune, apparently offended more people than it entertained. A Times-Picayune piece picked apart the recipe, with many chiming in about the inauthentic recipe.

The recipe was derided for its lack of roux-- a flour and butter or animal fat base used to thicken sauces-- and the addition of quinoa and kale. It was removed from the social media account on Tuesday night.

But the backlash didn't end there. Some native Louisiana residents were so upset they started a White House petition to protest Disney.

Yes, a White House petition. The petition still needs more than 99,000 signatures to get an official reply from the White House, however.

“Gumbo is important,” the petition reads. “More so even than showering after swimming at Holly Beach. Or making sure the antenna is adjusted before the Saints play so your papa doesn't get all angry at you. It is as important as confession and tastes better than three Hail Marys and an Our Father. Gumbo starts with a roux - it always starts with a roux - this is not debatable.”

But just removing the post didn't quiet the controversy. Commenters took over another unrelated thread on the Facebook page to continue protesting their displeasure.

Social media users even began using the hashtag #GumboStrong to express their unhappiness with the Louisiana-inspired recipe. The recipe has since been removed from Twitter and YouTube, too.

Now Disney has moved on, encouraging online visitors to the page to “cook up some mobile magic with Disney Princess stickers” for cell phones. But will the people of Louisiana ever forgive Mickey and co for messing with gumbo?

Princess Tiana was unavailable for comment.