‘Cutest’ pizza delivery boy gets strange request

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Pizza My Heart, a pizza chain based in northern California, received an unusual request from a lonely Menlo Park customer last week.

The restaurant, which offers premium-topped pizzas, received an order for a medium Maui Wowie—take on a Hawaiian pie with ham and pineapple-- and Figgy Piggy-- bacon, black figs, fresh sage & feta -- which came to $44.50.

In addition to the pizzas, a customer had requested the chain to "Send us your cutest delivery boy. Tell me I'm pret,” which the chain took to interpret as “Tell me I’m pretty” since the orderer had apparently run out of characters with her digital order.

A few of Pizza My heart near the affluent Menlo Park neighborhood are located close to Stanford University and the delivery boy thought his order was destined for a college party.

"I've had orders like this before so I was expecting a group of college girls,” the unnamed pizza delivery worker, who goes by the name coldfan on imgur, told the Daily Mirror.

But when he arrived, the Pizza My Heart employee encountered a sedate solo scene.

"When I arrived there was no group, just one girl," he said, though the delivery site was decorated with balloons and other birthday gear. After he wished the customer a happy birthday, the delivery boy says the woman explained that she had planned a party for her birthday but one came. She invited him in for cake and he hesitantly accepted, but ending up having a surprising night.

"We laughed and talked the whole time, as I was leaving I gave her a hug and told her she was pretty," he said.

The employee received a written warning from his Pizza My Heart manager about taking so long for one delivery, but the “cutest delivery boy” says it was well worth it to cheer up a lonely woman on her birthday.

FoxNews.com reached out to Pizza My Heart who would not confirm the identity of the delivery boy but said that he was still employed by the chain.