Craziest ways to open beer bottles

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Have you been ready to crack open a cold one only to find your trusty bottle opener is nowhere to be found?

We’ve all been there.

Fear not. The Internet is awash with tons of hacks that will get you to sipping in no time—and you won’t have to chip a tooth in the process.

Some of these simple tricks may have you scratching your head in disbelief—how can paper really pry off a metal top?

Whether you’re in the woods or stuck at home, take a look at some of wackiest ways we’ve found to open sealed bottles.

1. Just grab a piece of printer paper.

This is one of the simplest hacks we’ve seen in quite some time. Folding a  standard piece of white printer apparently creates a strong enough gadget to literally pop the top off a glass bottle.

2. Use your body.

"If you don't press very hard, this can be very painful," warns the host of this most unusual video. If you really have nothing else in your house to use, why not just use your forearm? Despite the apparent ease of this trick, it seems like so much could wrong.

3. By swimsuit top.

We’re not sure if the woman in this clip is playing a trick on us but her friends seem delighted with her talent just the same. That must be one strong  bikini.

4. In the office or on the street, 14 ways to get crackin.’

This compilation video is one of the most thorough—and concise-- we’ve seen. From fire hydrants, to hammers, post office boxes and eyelash curlers -- after seeing this video you may never want use a boring bottle opener ever again.

5. The struggle is real.  

The guys at Good Mythical Morning may be drinking orange soda but we’re sure their unconventional techniques would work well for your favorite brew. This is a pretty honest look at how many of the so-called common hacks can actually be pretty challenging without the proper leverage—and training. From using a bottle to open another bottle, forks and even a power drill, this video is entertaining if not that informative.