Couple finds a dirty rag instead of a McDonald's cheeseburger

An Illinois couple says they got an nasty surprise after a burger run to their local McDonald’s.

Debbie and Hans Wirth ordered a double cheeseburger at the Golden Arches drive-thru.  After returning home and unwrapping the meal, they discovered a dirty rag instead, Wirth told ABC7 WLS.

"This is what I found when I opened my hamburger, a rag," said Debbie Wirth.

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The couple say they talked to the restaurant manager who offered no apology.

“He just says, ‘Come in, I’ll give you another McDouble.’ Well, you know, that’s not the point,” Debbie says. “I got a rag, no apology, no nothing.”

"I want more than that, I want an apology," Hans said, adding that the rag surprise was intentional.

The manager of the restaurant eventually did apologize to the couple.

Rich O'Keefe, the McDonald's owner, told WGN TV that the incident is no laughing matter.

"I took this matter seriously and we are currently looking into this claim."